Shrimp Trawler on Mobile Bay

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Well before sunrise, Captain Sid Schwartz and his crew – his dad, Jackie Schwartz, and Darrell Goleman – fire up the engine of the 52-foot trawler “Capt. Sid” and slide out of the Dog River Marina for a day of shrimping on Alabama’s Mobile Bay. The day consists of sampling the water with small “try nets” to see what might be caught in a particular location, and then dragging the main trawl net. The contents of that net must be sorted to remove the non-shrimp “bycatch.” Their hope is that the shrimp they catch will be enough to cover their expenses with enough left over to earn a modest living. Captain Schwartz is part of the Alabama Fisheries Cooperative, which sells fresh seafood tested to ensure that it is not contaminated by the BP oil spill.

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